Gold Brushed PVC

Gold Brushed PVC
  • Gold Brushed PVC
  • Gold Brushed PVC
  • Gold Brushed PVC
  • Gold Brushed PVC

Short Description:

Gold Brushed PVC for retail card producing...

  • Thickness: 0.13 - 0.4mm
  • Size: 200 - 1000mm
  • Surface Effect: gold brushed
  • Core: a wide variety of custom core colors is available
  • Printing: offset printing, silk screen printing, UV printing

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Holographic Laminated PVC is such type of material that is made of holographic film and plastic (PVC) sheet composited together and get a holographic appearance and anti-counterfeiting effect. It is specially designed for high quality transaction cards and loyalty cards. It is not only make your designed card with unique holographic appearance but also add the impact protecting feature on it.

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